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Rihab Hamdi had her left hip replaced and needed intensive physical therapy to return to her normal activities.


Hamdi came to Life Care Center of Vista, California, on July 24, 2017. She needed moderate assistance with most of her mobility, including walking, standing up and sitting down, transferring from one surface to another and balancing while standing. She also needed extensive assistance to get dressed and bathe.


Physical and occupational therapists worked with Hamdi six days a week to help her recover her strength, endurance, range of motion, balance and ability to take care of herself. Therapeutic exercises focused on strengthening her legs, and therapeutic activities helped her work on the motions she would need to function normally. She practiced walking and stair climbing, eventually to where she was able to walk independently and go up and down 18 stairs at a time.


“Upon her arrival to Life Care Center of Vista, the physical therapy team was instrumental to her release,” said Hamdi’s daughter, Rola Hamdi. “Adam [Witt, student physical therapist], you did an outstanding job with my mother.”


“Rihab maintained a positive attitude throughout her therapy and was dedicated to improving her quality of life,” said Witt.


When Hamdi completed her rehab on Aug. 13 and returned home, she was able to take care of herself with some modifications.


“I was treated well by all the staff I encountered,” Hamdi said.